Flavia Portugal Design specializes in realizing projects for clients, from concept to full completion, delivering them in ready-to-use condition. We begin by understanding our client’s needs and expectations in order to develop a custom conceptual design. We carry out project construction management, detail selection of furniture, finishes, fixtures, equipment and accessories, as well as make houseware specifications and provisions.

We conceive of the optimal usage of space, balancing both elegance and functionality in line with our design philosophy, then plan contemporary and modern interior architecture that incorporates each individual client’s requirements, while integrating their personal aesthetic. Our practice ranges from residential and commercial design, to project construction management, to custom-made furniture and accessories.

In addition to rendering interior architectural design and spatial flow, we help both residential and commercial clients enhance the look and feel of their environment by styling color schemes, furniture, finishes, fixtures, accessories and applying any other interior decorative elements to achieve holistic and sophisticated design results.

Flavia Portugal Design’s practice includes consultation for residential and commercial design. We offer design advisory services as it relates to potential real estate acquisitions, as well as provide construction estimates.